Farmhouse Maionchi’s Historical Cellars


Fattoria Maionchi is still as it once was: the setting/surroundings, the cellars, the stones, the objects speak of a past where tranquillity reigns. And where wine and olive oil production is a true vocation.


The Wine Cellars

Fattoria Maionchi's two historic wine cellars were once for the private use of the villa's owners. Built in the 1600s, they still have all the natural characteristics to produce wine without resorting to artificial methods. They are designed so well that we use them as they are!

In the largest cellar we put the red and white wines. It maintains the temperature very well, and still houses signs of ancient times including a stone structure for the storage of olive oil. The smallest cellar, on the other hand, is still the vinsantaia: here the temperature is cooler and is therefore the perfect aging environment for this particular type of wine.



Our red wines come from the typical vines of the Lucca area/region, Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Colorino and Canaiolo. We also have Merlot and Moscato d'Amburgo, with which we produce more modern wines.

Our white wine, on the other hand, comes from Trebbiano and Vermentino grapes. For vin santo we use both Colombana (a typical Lucchese grape for this production) and Sangiovese, following the classic Tuscan tradition.